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If you support the cause of your local or any other animal shelter, which works for rescuing dogs, cats and other animals you can actually do quite a lot of things to help support the cause and show your appreciation for the animal shelter volunteers.


Here are some ways to do that, and some suitable gifts to give animal shelter volunteers:

  • Naturally, the first thing to consider is making a one off donation, or plan to make smaller monthly donations to help the shelter and the cause.
  • Help with sharing information about the shelter’s activity and upcoming adoption events and adoption profiles- you can do this in the social networks or locally by hanging fliers in your area, in your work or others.
  • You can help by volunteering to transport rescued or adopted animals, or walk the dogs at the shelter and go pet and play with the rescue cats. There are many ways to get involved
  • If you don’t have the time to go and help the people and animals in the shelter physically, you can still help by offering your personal expertise. Depending on your profession and skills, you can help the shelter with: accounting, legal matters, marketing, PR, writing, photography, art, website design, SEO marketing, social media expertise.
  • Help with the shelter’s wish list items.
  • You can purchase or make personal gifts for the personnel and animal shelter volunteers to show your appreciation. Get them a treat, like sweets, chocolate candy or a cake. You can also buy them some small and yet useful tokens of appreciation, like thematic or thank you mugs, keychains or small pocket knives.
  • A great way to support an animal rescue shelter or organization is to organize a fund raiser or turn one of your personal celebrations into a fundraiser. You can ask your friends and guests to donate to the shelter as a birthday or wedding gift instead of getting you an actual gift.
  • Try placing a donation jar in your work place. You can probably get some of your colleagues interested in donating for the animal shelter too.
  • Send a “thank you” card or cake to the shelter, or you can send thank you pizza, donuts or just about anything. Showing a personal appreciation for the work of the volunteers will mean very much to them.
  • Help by fostering a cat or dog until it gets a forever home, and help it get socialized and kept away from the stressful conditions and situations in the shelter.