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All animal shelters are incredibly grateful and really appreciate all volunteer’s work. They appreciate any help, it just has to be regular and predictable. Most of the shelters require volunteers to work a set number of hours per week, for at least 4 months.

Hands on Animals Volunteers

There is plenty of different tasks you can handle if you want to be close to the animals. Few suggestions include:

Animals walkers: This seems to be the most popular activity for volunteers. We need reliable volunteers to walk the stray dogs we are trying to home. Get fit and feel good all at the same time by volunteering to do this kind deed!

Weekend Foster Families. Take an animal home for the weekend. This helps us socialize the dogs in a home environment and gives the dogs a holiday from kenneling.

Dog Handlers: Well behaved dogs are more easily homed, so you could help by volunteering to handle a dog at regular training sessions led by a professional dog trainer. Just make sure you are wearing proper casual clothes with the animals.

Animal groomers: some of the animals need bathing and occasional fur cut. If you have even minimum experience shaving with beard trimmers, you will most certainly will be able to use our dog hair trimmers as well. Don’t worry, there will be experienced groomer to help you with this (sometimes tricky) task.

Here is a short video to get a basic idea what hands-on volunteering looks like:

Hands off Animals Volunteers

If you prefer not to have direct contact with the animals, there is a number of day-to-day operations that need volunteers’ help. Such as:

Accountant – if you have any accounting experience or enjoy working with figures you can help keep track of donations as well as costs of operation.

Internet advertising coordinator – if you have experience in internet advertising, advertising or sales, then your experience would be highly appreciated

Poster Making – if you have creative skills and know how to use a variety of computer programs and software such as PowerPoint, Photoshop and the like

Poster Distribution distribute posters on a weekly basis to certain notice boards and to find new outlets for poster distribution

Phone Volunteers – they are required to deal with enquiries from the public and to receive information about stray dogs to pass on to those responsible for trapping and collection.