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Shelters are working towards the animal’s best interest. Even though most of the shelters try to match the right owner to the right pet that is sadly not always possible. No one can predict the future. The workers in the shelter make a background check of the new owners and interview them thoroughly to make sure they are suitable for pet adoption. However, that screening is not 100% accurate. Sometimes mistakes are made and poor animals are handed to unsatisfactory owners. Shelters try to avoid that as much as they can and as a result, sometimes good owners are rejected.

A dog owner gives his pet water

A dog owner gives his pet water

Cruelty – as mentioned above, screening cannot always predict if the pet would find its right owners. Just make sure you file a complaint when you see cruelty towards an animal. The officers would try to correct the situations only if you do so. Sometimes it might seem that irresponsible or uncaring behavior is disregarded. This is not exactly the case in most situations. Even though officers try hard to improve the situation, their efforts go in vain without the owner’s cooperation. Officers can only enforce the current laws, which are at best .. insufficient.

However, rest assured that good shelters do their best to make adoptions possible and hand animals to good people.

How you can help?

  1. Adopt a pet, if you can.
  2. Raise awareness of the shelters’ needs.
  3. Convince a good friend to adopt a pet from a shelter instead of buying one